08:10 pm, cywcuci

This is the second installment of Tea Time with Thupten! Today, Denise and Lisa were interviewed in regards to their factsheet since that was basically what we did in class today! Both Denise & Lisa shared about their factsheet which is about the Association with Religion in relation to Abortion views, which is clearly a controversial and sensitive topic. So they shared how they dealt with the different religions as well as which variables they collapsed, and what/how the process was like when deciding how to analyze the data. Overall, it is nice that our class is given more time to look over the factsheet, implement feedback and put in some finishing touches before the 2nd rough draft is submitted! 

Note: At 4:46, Sang gave a cue to Denise to stop eating pie, and Denise did not know what to do, so she just swallowed.